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Another chat reviewing some of the interesting topics of Kukan! Join us if you can! America times zones: European time zones:

Kuden – 口伝

Come relax and join us as we take a closer look at some of the great points that came up in our Kuden Series lately.America’s time:…/reg…/WN_EGBHrBMSQ52bfIWyT7oLoQEuropean time:…/reg…/WN_ZuZStm1NT9-VR72W7PrnYw

Kuden – 口伝

Join us for the Sunday European session if you can! Get some questions ready and register below! All questions should be directed to Stephan Naguschewski. Look forward to seeing you in this excellent series.CHAT 2 EUROPEAN time zones, register here:…/WN_pZicZfeNQrOAATy1TOIf3Q…

Chat From The Kasumi An

The European time zone is approaching! If you missed the Americas time zone, you can catch this one live or register and catch it on demand for 48 hours after the event. Click the link to register.…/WN_inooHfQbQj6J0ThDafDrRQ…Please send any questions you have about the chat or questions you would like to ask Nagase Sensei to …

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Chat From The Kasumi An

Great chat with Furuta Sensei today! He is such a gentleman. And he will be with us again this Saturday for our European friends. Don`t miss it! Please forward any questions you have or would like to ask to Stephan Naguschewski. Click the below to join. Look forward to another insightful chat with Furuta Sensei!…/WN_viSZ1MsuQuGPlZvWC_A4yA…

The autumn moon

By Tomoe Gozen Take a look out the window tonight(October 4th) and you will see the Chushu no Meigetsu. The Japanese have an ancient tradition of gazing at this moon on this particular date. They like to eat snacks, sing songs and quietly contemplate. According to the lunar calendar, Chushu, 中秋 which means in the …

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Nikko(日光) Trip :Things not to miss in Japan

BY Tomoe Gozen I really liked visiting Nikko Toshogu(日光東照宮). It has so many decorations of animals like monkeys, elephant, cats, horses, Kirin, Dragons…and so on! Now I see how these places have perhaps influenced the way Hatsumi Sensei decorates the Bujinkan Honbu dojo and even how my husband, Paul, decorates the Kasumian Study Center. They …

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