Datsu Ryoku

In the dojo you may hear terms like `chikara wo nuku` or datsu ryoku suru.  They refer to the idea of relaxing, or releasing tension at a certain moment in the flow of movement with an opponent.  Some teachers, in Japan, try to teach this by making their students release all tension from their bodies

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The Skipping Stone

The Skipping Stone Ishi Tobashi  石飛ばし (Mizu Kiri 水切り) By now, you may have heard that Hatsumi Sensei is using the analogy this year (2015) of a skipping stone to convey aspects of his martial art movement to us, his students. It is a wonderfully poetic expression to help us understand a very natural occurrence.

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Kajou Chikusei

Kajou Chikusei. I often write Kajou Chikusei in my calligraphy, paintings and pottery. It seems like it was one of the first gokui (inner teachings) of Ninjutsu that Hatsumi Sensei taught me. So it feels natural to share it with you here as I start this new journey at the kasumian. At the kasumian, you

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