Chikara wo Nuku 力を抜く

In the dojo, you often here the expression, Chikara wo Nuku.  Chikara 力 means power or force.  Nuku 抜く means to pull out or withdraw.  You may hear for example `katana wo nuku`, to pull out (unsheathe) your sword.  This concept is not only important in martial arts but the married life arts as well.  Married couples can appreciate the importance of knowing the timing of pulling out the sword!! There is also an expression when a fighting couple makes up, moto no saya ni osomatta 元の鞘に納まった.- the sword is re sheathed in it`s old (original) scabbard. But enough of my sukebe (lewd) talk!

Chikara wo nuku is the ability to drop or release power in a proper manner and timing when you feel resistance in an exchange with the opponent. In taijutsu, you can either create a tension and release it or you receive tension from your opponent and skillfully misdirect and release it. Properly executed, you can create moments of great surprise for your opponent.  like accidentaly stepping off a curb, or when an airplane hits an air pocket and the plane suddenly drops. Those moments when you catch your breath in unexpected shock.   As we progress in our taijustu, we must start to create these air pockets for our opponent to fall into.  When the opponent is surprised, his power is often disrupted and creates moments of receptivity in him where he can receive more easily.  When you are surprised, you gasp or breath in.  This is when the opponent is receptive or soft and can be more easily controlled. Try pushing a heavy object when you are breathing in.  It is almost impossible! So when the opponent is tense with power, think of letting air out of a tire, it gets softer and softer. We create moments of letting the air out.  satottaskull_1024

Maybe this original composition I painted yesterday can help you let some air out.  It says`Finally I am enlightened.`!

Good comedians are like ninja as well. They lead us down a path and at the last moment take us somewhere unexpected which makes us laugh.  Hatsumi Sensei does this all the time in conversation.  A good ninja will have this ability in not only his taijutsu but his daily interactions as well.  So when you are up the creek without a paddle, having a struggle, Chikara wo Nuku and let the river carry you home!


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